Friday, February 02, 2007

Melting Snow and Changing Jobs

Yesterday my new life begun. Possibly. We will soon find out. That was my first day free from my last dysfunctional job. Now I have a few days off, and will begin a new job next week. It feels good, I can tell you. It's like I'm finally relaxed after two years of stress. I'm off on a little trip this weekend, to celebrate. Just me. I won't even bring my mobile phone with me. I need to be alone.

What's sad is that the snow is beginning to melt. Now is probably the most unagreeable part of winter, when everything is ugly and grey outside, and the trees look dark and hostile, after having been so beautifully covered up in all that whiteness.

But the snow only melts in the real world, on my photographs it is eternal.

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