Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Truths About Cats and Dogs

I am not afraid of dogs, but I don't like it when they chase me. Dog owners often fail to understand this. Once a small dog came running towards me when I was on my bike. The creature ran around me, and in front of the wheels. The owner did nothing to call him back, the only thing he did say was that I needn't be afraid since the dog was harmless. Yeah, well, I fell of my bike anyway. But still, dogs that are not running towards me with their teethes showing are OK. My lovely L. has currently access to Dexter, an Irish Terrier, and he is ever so nice.

But I prefer cats. When I was younger I was afraid of them. I thought them mean and unpredictable. I'm not scared anymore. I would like to have one, but since I live in a small apartment on the 16th floor, and am very seldom at home, the cat might not like it. My cousin has two cats, Elvis and Elvira, and I can always visit them when I need some feline feedback. Me and Elvira have a routine worked out. After dinner I lay down on the couch, and she jumps up and snuggle up right next to me, and then we fall asleep. It doesn't get more relaxed or cosy than that.

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